Used ProtoTRAK 2460 with SLX CNC control

Used ProtoTRAK 2460 with SLX CNC control

The ProtoTRAK 2460 SLX is a heavy duty CNC lathe with a 4+ inch spindle thru hole and two speed range gear box, providing a 40-1800 rpm working range. This machine includes 3 CNC upgrades, and 2 machine upgrades: Advanced Features, Networking/Memory, and ‘Traking’ which allows the user to handwheel jog the CNC through a program at whatever speed they choose to proof it out at, a great safety feature! Also includes tailstock, steady rest, worklamp, coolant pump, auto lube, and tooling as listed below.

The machine has seen very low hours and is in great condition.  First sold in 2008.  Only know issue is surface staining on ways due to a reaction with coolant, purely cosmetic and clearly pictured for your review.  Spindle and servos sound like a new machine.  Includes pictured 15″ BTC 3 as well as an 8″ 3 jaw chucks, and a 20″ faceplate.  No toolpost or holders.

ProtoTRAK 2460, an easy to use CNC lathe with the added safety of Traking, this lathe will sell fast, very rare to get a used one.  New it’s priced at $64K (w/o tax, delivery etc), offering pictured machine at $43K, FOB San Diego.

Basic Specs:
2-Axis CNC, threading, contouring, auto cycle tool paths, and many other ‘canned’ program routines
Two gear ranges: 40-670 & 100-1800 rpm
D1-8 spindle, 4.09″ thru hole
220-3Phase, 15 HP
24 inch swing, 40 between centers, 7300 lb machine
Approx footprint: 10′ x 5′
CNC made in USA, quality Taiwan iron

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