It's a Fact:

Buying used CNC machinery can be risky business
We remove that risk. So gone are the days of headaches, regret, and down time due to dealing with the last owner's "issues".

It's a Fact:

Our used machinery cut quality parts from day 1
Each and every used ProtoTRAK undergoes a thorough checkout. Each ships having passed the factory checklist. Why risk your hard earned money elsewhere?

Our Unique Process

Phase 1 – Cleanup

Used machinery – The number one complaint we’ve heard over the years is how grimy and filthy it always is.  We would agree, which is why before anything else we run each used ProtoTRAK across our specially built low-pressure hand scrub cleaning station to gently remove all previous chip dust, caked on coolant grime, grease and other nasty stuff.  Rust inhibitors in the cleaner prevent any surface damage during this phase, and especially important is that we use non-caustic cleaner applied at very low pressure to spare the numerous sensitive machine components and surfaces from damage.

Phase 2 – Shine

After drying, lubricants and surface preservatives are applied, and any damaged paint is addressed.  Depending on the need, paint is either touched up or the complete machine is painted.  We use oil based industrial enamel which has great durability.  Want a non-factory color? …just ask, we may be able to accommodate.  A this stage wear and tear items are often in need of replacement so we do so.  Way covers in bad shape are replaced, broken and or missing knobs and handles are replaced, etc.

Phase 3 – Checkout

Next comes a complete check into all the common problem areas; areas which can easy cost you several 1000′s of dollars in repair charges if you buy a problem used machine.  We run the head though a complete checklist, check the axis motors and ballscrews for roughness, noise and excessive backlash.  Checkout the lube system, computer, screen, all the major systems.  We then replace motor brushes, belts, head parts, spindle, pendant and or computer parts etc, as needed to bring the machine back to a ‘good’ overall operational condition.  Not a re-manufactured machine in the end, but thoroughly gone over prior the sale.

Phase 4 – Fine Tune

Finally the last portion of our process gets into some minor but non-the-less very important details.  We adjust the gibs, sensors, scales and other items to ensure machining precision.  At this stage we check the calibration, backlash, and other machine/system parameters per the factory checklist.  If any doubt remains about the machine in work, we cut a simple test part.  Remaining issues are then noted and published on the listing for buyer consideration.  A truly ‘no-surprises’ buying experience when you choose us.

Easy Freight

In many cases we can help arrange freight and delivery through one of our trusted partners

Easy Finance

We work with several equipment financing companies. Depending on your item of interest, there may be a company in your area that is eager to work with you.