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July 16, 2012 at 11:14 pm #102

Chris Pratt
Key Master

At Pratt Machine Tools we have over 30 years experience working directly with Southwestern Industries and their ProtoTRAK CNC line.  We’ve learning lots of lessons over the years when it comes to fixing a prototrak.

While you are working on your own fixes, keep in mind that this is never an exact science.  Weird unexplained things occasionally happen, some problems (especially intermittent) issues are frustrating to fix.  Some procedures very very occasionally can damage additional components during troubleshooting, you need to be aware of this.  If you want to save some money by fixing issues yourself, you will need to deal with all the above.  There is a good reason a Tech charges so much, as they must deal with the headaches and absorb some costs when things go bad.  But, all the disclaimers aside, 99% of the time fixing a protorak is actually pretty easy.

The prototrak is designed to be fixed at the component assembly level.  What this means in practical application is the goal of troubleshooting is isolate the fault to a major assembly, then remove and replace that assembly to fix the issue.  SWI does an amazing job with this process.  99% of the time they have a refurbished unit sitting on the shelf which ships out same day.  This is what’s called an inventory pool, and to keep this pool process working as well as it does you must send back your old failed unit to the SWI factory for manufacturer; if you don’t, you must pay an additional core charge.  Their prices for this service and their repair parts is extremely reasonable.

Example of prototrak assemblies:
Breakout box
Spindle assembly

Going deeper than an assembly and getting into interior components is best left to the tech experts and the factory itself.  Very few fixes at the sub-assembly level are easy 1-2-3 fixes.

Southwestern Industries provides FREE technical assistance on their 800 phone line 800-367-3165



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