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July 17, 2012 at 12:22 am #108

Chris Pratt
Key Master

Read and abide.  Your use of the information presented on our website implies consent to ALL the below:

1) Do not advertise your machinery, products, or services in the Forum.  This is a place to share know-how among like minded professionals, it’s not Craigslist.

2) This site is dedicated to SWI’s ProtoTRAK.  If you want to talk about your HAAS instead or badmouth the ProtoTRAK name for no good reason, go elsewhere to do so.

3) Be professional.  No swearing, nudity or inappropriate rudeness… I shouldn’t even need to state this stuff.

4) Be respectful.  Nationwide we are 50,000+ ProtoTRAK users.  We all have knowledge and experiences to offer each other.

By using the myProtoTRAK website and or forum you additionally agree fully to the terms of use as outlined below:

This website is owned and maintained by Jim Pratt Machine Tools, Inc.  We unequivocally reserve the right to control the information on this website, and to remove anything that we deem inappropriate; it is our sole discretion to define what is inappropriate.

We make absolutely no claim of the ProtoTRAK name or product as our own; this product is manufactured by Southwestern Industries, Inc.  We are not owned by or under the legal control of SWI.  Our company and or employee’s are not to be held responsible in any way for claims or liabilities which may arise from the direct or indirect use of the SWI product.

Information provided on this website is strictly intended for academic purpose.  Jim Pratt Machine Tools and it’s employees are not in any way responsible for verifying or correcting the validity of information posted on this website.

Machining is inherently dangerous, you may get injured.  You are solely responsible for your own safety, we recommend do not follow the advice of others.  By using information taken from this website you agree to accept full responsibility for your actions and any unfortunate results which may arise.

Jim Pratt Machine Tools, Inc – All rights reserved – 2012


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