IN OUR SHOP …an intro

Here at Pratt Machine Tools we do more than just deliver, service and sell machinery …we actually use it.  Over the course of the year numerous projects find their way into our workshop.  Actually, come to think of it, I couldn’t imagine a business such as ours without an attached machine shop.  There’s just always a need to make and or repair parts… or more importantly to create a new high tech invention or performance race part on the weekends.

For those that may be unfamiliar with using ProtoTRAK machinery this will be a great opportunity to see first hand how simple to use this product is.  As projects come up and are completed they’ll find their way into the “IN OUR SHOP” blog …a series of articles intended to chronicle real world application of the ProtoTRAK CNC.

As a teaser, I’ll say that my first to talk about involves the design and creation of ultra high end LED offroad lighting.

To be continued….

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B.S Mechanical Engineering (Cal Poly SLO) - Operations manager, Pratt Machine Tools

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