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For over 30 years Jim Pratt Machine Tools has called San Diego California home.  We will continue to offer our honest and reliable services for many years to come.  We specialize in ProtoTRAK CNC machinery and have been a dealer for Southwestern Industries within the San Diego County and North-Western Mexico regions for over 20 years.  We know ProtoTRAK machinery!
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About ProtoTRAK

The TRAK and ProtoTRAK brand names are registered trademarks of Southwestern Industries, Inc.  Sales literature and product images used with permission from SWI.

From their website, they say this about themselves “Since 1963, Southwestern Industries, Inc. has been an industry leader in innovative products for machinist productivity.Our engineering, manufacturing and corporate headquarters are housed in 130,000 sq. ft. facilities in Southern California. We employ a large field organization of factory-direct sales, service and management personnel throughout North America.” Each new machine is assembled in and ships from their Southern California based operation.

my ProtoTRAK

The ProtoTRAK CNC is unique and so are it’s operators.  Those who choose ProtoTRAK most often have a different agenda in mind then simply making machined parts.

They are craftsman who recognize that a CNC control should help them efficiently do their work, not slow them down like most CNC’s often do.  No where else on the web is there a community dedicated to ProtoTRAK and it’s unique users.  It’s long overdue!

myProtoTRAK is a place to openly share knowledge with other ProtoTRAK users.  SO do so.  Ask questions, post opinions, share amongst other nationwide users… take part!  This is a free resource, and will always be as long as we are involved.  At the end of the day it’s what you guys out there all make of it, but with a little bit of everyone’s involvement it will no doubt become a great resource that helps build-on and spread ProtoTRAK success.  We are a nation built on innovation and creativity, and ProtoTRAK helps us continue the legacy.  Embrace it!

Our Markets

We work closely with the manufacturer Southwestern Industries to acquire and re-certify used ProtoTRAK machinery for resale.  We ship nationwide as well as within Mexico; Se Habla Espanol.  If you are after a specific model and make of ProtoTRAK, please don’t hesitate to contact us directly with your needs.  That said, there is a very good chance that the most in-demand machinery never even makes it’s way onto this website; so when in doubt, simply have us add your contact info to our in-house lead list so you will know about such items before they even hit the streets.  Please call or email us directly to do so.  Additionally, by signing up to our mailing list you are assured to have the most recently posted listings in your inbox.  It takes 30 seconds, and can be done [here].

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